Commercial Display for Your Business

Commercial DIsplay

Innovation is key in the business world. Some of the best practices for your business is a visual display. When people see a colored moving image it says a thousand words. Visual display helps get your message across on multiple layers. 

Displaying your content in your business sounds easy enough, but deciding on what type of display plays a big factor. You don’t want to purchase just any old TV. At Samsung, they provide commercial grade TV’s to fit all of your business needs!

With a commercial grade TV, you get clean symmetrical lines that can be purchased without the manufacturer’s logo. They are built for rugged long lasting wear and tear in any environment you wish to have your display. With a commercial TV, the image is sharp and bright to stand out to your audience. They also have the ability to play both broadcast TV and promotional content. 

With a commercial TV, you gain an extended input panel with a wide variety of inputs. This will include, VGA, DVI, Display Port, HDMI and can include video-loop out. The also are equipped with a full RS232 and RJ45 control and remote display management. 

Commercial TV’s are secured with IR or front panel locks, this keeps to any unwanted content being displayed without your approval. They also have an internal cooling system that allows your TV to run 24/7 without fear of frying any components while running. Cooling mode can be used in portrait mode as while, unlike consumer TV’s. Because of this, the lifecycle for commercial TV’s exceeds that of consumer TV”s. You also get the service and support through a 3 year warranty for all commercial TV’s. 

So, are you ready to upgrade your business with some innovative new TV displays? Contact us today at Advanced Office Systems, Inc. in Johnstown, PA at (800)452-0897.

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