Prism DocForm

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Production grade variable print, transpromo and multi channel communications

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DocForm creates powerful and personalized variable content documents by dynamically merging a wide range of static and variable data, text, content, and images—from a variety of sources—into personalized, low-cost print and electronic documents.

Prism DocForm at a glance:

  • Utilizes data from mainframes, AS/400s, midrange systems, and PCs
  • Allows you to access data directly from ODBC-compliant databases
  • Provides powerful, rapid and personalized document preparation and delivery
  • Speeds up and simplifies document delivery through print, send-to file, PDF, Email and fax
  • A powerful tool for distributed printing
  • Easy to use and install
  • Web forms and eForms
  • Remote data addition
  • Integrated postal certification
  • Integrates signatures and data from signature pads and table PCs