hp fax 1010 series

SKU: hp fax 1010 series (hp Office Products)

HP’s plain-paper black and white fax and phone – ideal for your personal office.

hp fax 1020 series

hp fax 1020 series

SKU: hp fax 1020 series (hp Office Products)

Fax and convenience copier, includes an integrated phone and digital answering machine

More than just a fax – the HP Fax 1020 is a communications center with advanced business fax features. It performs quality plain-paper faxing and convenience copying and includes an integrated phone and digital answering machine, all in one compact unit.

hp fax 1220 series

SKU: hp fax 1220 series (hp Office Products)

Fast, high-quality color and black & white plain paper faxing and copying for your professional communications needs

HP’s first single-function color fax provides plain paper color faxing and convenient color copying, plus advanced business fax features.

hp fax 1230 series

SKU: hp fax 1230 series (hp Office Products)

Plain-paper color faxing with fast speeds, high quality and convenient features for home and office.

HP Fax 1240

SKU: HP Fax 1240 (hp Office Products)

If you have a small business or a home office, and you need to do a lot of color faxing and copying, you ‘ll appreciate the high-performance Fax 1240. It’ s got a built-in phone and color copier. Plus, it ‘s been designed with your desk in mind, so it’ s a nice, handy size. Set it up and get ready to simplify your communications and printing.