SKU: PACEMARK® 3410 (Oki)

The heavy-duty, high-speed printer for large-volume applications. The PACEMARK® 3410 performs at optimum level in any environment.

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  • Ideal for long print runs: data processing, report generation, spreadsheets
  • Print speeds up to 550 cps
  • Long print runs: data processing, report generation, spreadsheet printouts
  • Multi-part forms
  • Label printouts
  • Bar code font printouts


  • The heavy-duty, high-speed printer for large-volume forms printing
  • Pacemark® 3410: the dependable, day in/day out, heavy-duty, high-speed printer from OKI.
  • When your printers are subjected to long runs at high speeds or get fed a constant stream of multi-part forms and card stock, they'd better be 3410s.
  • We've designed the 3410 for durable output — with fast throughput and the legendary OKI reliability. The strike force of its printhead carries through an 8-part form with stunning clarity, as well as providing better print quality on any surface. Three available paper paths make the 3410 more flexible: the standard bottom-feed or rear-feed push tractors, the optional pull tractor, and single/dual bin cut sheet feeders. And, with 3 times the memory of its leading competitor, the 3410 does it all — and does it better.
  • The Pacemark 3410 performs best in no-nonsense applications calling for heavy duty throughput. For point of sale, the 3410 has the capability of printing to the top edge of the form — and the metal tear bar assures any document on demand.
  • In back-office applications, the power and speed of the 3410 make light work of the thickest forms.
  • And, in networked/shared environments, the 3410 is an integral part of the whole: parallel and serial interfaces are standard, with 3rd party twin-ax or co-ax options.
  • Feed it 4 ways: by the standard bottom-feed or rear-feed push tractors, or optional pull tractor or single/dual bin cut sheet feeders. Short, straight paper paths reduce feeding snags. Quick and easy loading reduces downtime.
  • Feed it anything: continuous forms, multi-part forms, single cut-sheet paper, labels, envelopes, transparencies, even heavy card stock. It pulls paper through at 10 inches per second (ips), and skips spaces at 60 ips.
  • It all comes down to dependability The 3410 prints data in a 136-column format using standard characters and in 272 columns at 20 characters per inch.
  • It comes with resident bar code fonts and graphic capabilities, and lets you create personalized characters and symbols with its ASCII 96-character sets plus resident and down-line loadable type fonts.
  • The Pacemark 3410 features rugged, built-to-last construction, inside and out. Its 16-bit, 12 MHz control board is an OKI® proprietary CPU that, although designed for simplicity, still processes data 20¿aster than the competition.
  • Fewer parts to wear down or replace, uncomplicated paper paths, and OKI's proven expertise and experience translates into exceptional performance, day in and day out.
  • In any environment, at any speed, with virtually any kind of paper stock or form, the Pacemark 3410 runs rings around its competition — and it keeps on running while you tend to other responsibilities.
  • For reliability and versatility you can count on, the Pacemark 3410 never rests.

Product Specifications

PACEMARK® 3410 Specifications
Print Speed And Quality
Super Speed Draft (cps)** 550
High Speed Draft (cps) 550
Utility Speed (cps) 417
Near Letter Quality Speed (cps) 105
Letter Quality Speed (cps) N/A
Number Of Colors 1
Maximum Graphics Resolution (dpi) 240 x 216
Fonts and Bar Codes
Resident Scalable Fonts N/A
Resident Bar Code Fonts Yes (8 Types*)
Paper Handling
No. Of Copies 8
Automatic Paper Forms Loading Yes
Short Tear Off Yes
Zero Tear Off Yes
Rear Feed Yes
Bottom Feed Yes
Pin Feed Platen N/A
Top Pull Tractors Optional
Push Tractors Rear & Bottom
Paper Feed Rate (inch per second) 10
Cut Sheet Feeder Option 1 or 2 Bins
Roll Paper Stand Option N/A
Parallel Interface Standard
Serial Interface Standard
Network-Ready Optional
Number of Pins 9
Autogapping Printhead N/A
Expanded Head Gap N/A
Printhead Life (characters) 200 million
Memory Buffer Size 64K
Reliability/MTBF (hours) 8,000
Monthly Workload (pages) 19,000
Operating / Physical Specifications
Noise Level In Operating Mode (dBA) 58.5
Noise Level In Quiet Mode (dBA) N/A
Ribbon Life (characters) 7.5 million
Power Voltage 120v or 220v
EPA Energy Star Compliance Yes
Dimensions Of Narrow Carriage w/out Box (W x D x H) (inches) N/A
Dimensions Of Wide Carriage w/out Box (W x D x H) (inches) 25.2 x 19 x 15
Weight Of Narrow Carriage w/out Box (lb.) N/A
Weight Of Wide Carriage w/out Box (lb.) 63 lbs
Additional Features
Front Panel Direct Access Controls Yes
Front Panel Limited Function Mode Yes
Warranty 1-year parts, labor and printhead
Toll Free Telephone Support (hours/days) 24 / 7
Emulations IBM® ProPrinter® III and Epson® FX-1050
OS Compatibility Windows® XP, 2000, 98/95, 3.x and NT® 4.0; MS-DOS®