HP Designjet 1000 Printer Series

SKU: HP Designjet 1000 Printer Series (hp Office Products)

A network-ready, high-volume technical printing solution. Best HP Designjet line quality

HP Designjet 1000 plus series printing system is a complete large-format productivity solution for CAD and GIS departments. These printers deliver outstanding line and image quality at top speeds with minimal user intervention.

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production printing
  • HP Jetexpress printing technology - HP combines smart printing with wide printheads for fast, high-quality, unattended printing
  • Line drawings under one minute - HP Designjet 1000 plus series printers deliver top performance for quick turnaround and high-volume capacity
  • Efficient, unattended printing - long-life, self-cleaning printheads and high-capacity ink cartridges, plus job management capabilities such as queuing, nesting and multiple copies minimize user intervention
  • Advanced media handling - 300-foot input rolls and integrated multi-roll feeder option provide maximum media flexibility and support for longer print runs
top quality
  • Best HP Designjet line quality - up to 1200 dpi resolution for precise, crisp lines 600 dpi images- impressive 3D rendering, maps and illustrations for clear, powerful comunication and presentations
  • Wide array of printing materials - choose from a variety of HP premium products for uncompromsing quality and consistency or HP basic materials for quality results at a lower price
seamless integration
  • ZEHraster software for HP - utility allows UNIX and Windows NT users to send TIFF and JPEG files directly to the printer
hp designjet multi-roll feeder
  • Flexibility -- unattended use of three different media types and sizes with automatic media roll switching
  • Unattended printing -- the ability to print longer runs by loading up to three rolls of the same media sizes and type
  • Integrated workflow -- the printer and the multiroll will use the same interface for configuration. Functionality will be available via the front panel (selection of default media) or the printer driver (roll selection)
  • Compatibility -- Option available for the HP Designjet 1050c plus and 1050cm plus (product number for option is C2394A), as well as options for the HP Designjet 1050C (option C2394B) and the HP Designjet 1050CM (option C2394C).


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