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Preparing Students for the Challenges of the Future

STEAMtrax is an innovative new curriculum that integrates engineering and 3D printing technology with core academic knowledge in science, math, language arts, social studies, and art. In the true spirit of the Framework for 21st Century Learning skills, students are engaged in relevant learning scenarios that encourage the essential skills of problem solving, collaboration, communication, clear and critical thinking as well as developing core academic knowledge. Each lesson imbeds 3D design, printing and scanning technology as an integral part of the STEAMtrax Engineering Process.

STEAMtrax Curriculum Modules

  • Problem–based, thematic storylines make learning relevant and fun
  • Hands-on, constructivist learning stations to clarify science concepts
  • Integration of 3D design, printing, and scanning built into each module
  • Engineering Project Design Process encourages critical thinking
  • Variety of formative and summative assessments, including rubrics
  • Flexible modules easily align to NGSS or state standards
  • Available in digital or print platform
  • Hands-on science kits available for each module


Cutting Edge 3D Technology

Integration of 3D design, printing, and scanning built into each module using the Cube 3 Printer and the Sense Scanner


Classroom-ready Hands-on Sciences Kits

Each kit includes all materials needed for quick classroom set-up to implement the activities for each science module.

Cube 3D printer


3D printing. Real. Easy. Print for your life and love what you make with the Cube, a 3D printer designed beautifully for your home, simple to use, powerful and fast and kid-safe for everyone to enjoy.

The 3rd generation Cube offers dual color and dual material high-resolution 3D printing that’s affordable and easy. With the new non-clog technology and moisture-lock cartridges, instant material loading is now easier than changing an ink cartridge. Preloaded filament jets and an auto-leveling print pad produce beautiful 70 micron high-resolution prints effortlessly, every time.


  • Mobile printing direct from the Cubify app available for iOS and Android
  • Comes with software to create cube readable files
  • Choose from 200 or 70 micron resolution
  • Automatic support generation
  • Cube is recommended for ages 8+ and meets IEC Home Printer Certification 60953 (TUV)

CubePro 3D printer

3D printing. Real. Pro. Work smart, play hard and print productive with the CubePro, powerfully designed to take your 3D printing professional. Go pro with CubePro.

The CubePro is designed to produce professional quality parts with ease. The CubePro does multi-material and triple color printing with super high-resolution at 70-micron layers or 300-microns for high-speed drafting. Its controlled-climate chamber and largest-in-class build volume bring your prints to new heights, literally. Now you can choose from three different material options: strong ABS, compostable PLA, and durable nylon.


  • WiFi compatible
  • Comes with software to create CubePro readable files
  • Choose from 300, 200, or 70 micron resolution
  • Automatic support generation


Sense 3D scanner


Capture your world in 3D

Capture your world in 3D and discover the power of physical photography with the Sense 3D scanner. Savor every dimension of your favorite memories: Graduation day. Wedding day. Bringing home baby. Holidays. Trips around the world. All with your Sense, all in 3D.


  • Minimum scan volume: 0.2m x 0.2m x 0.2m
  • Maximum scan volume: 3m x 3m x 3m
  • USB data interface
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS X 10.8 or later
  • Exports to STL, PLY, or OBJ

Included with 3D Printing Solutions, Advanced Office Systems offers…


  • Custom programs designed for educators
  • Curriculum software
  • Lease options (3-5 years)
  • On-site service & support (not normally offered by our competitors)
  • Complimentary set-up & training
  • Grant writing assistance

To request a demonstration & product example, contact Bob Heffelfinger at (800) 965-AOSI