What is DocuClass?

doc-logoDocuClass, a new generation of Document Management software, has been designed with the most advanced technology available today and built with the user in mind.

DocuClass provides a perfect combination of functionality and flexibility, with an unparalleled ability to address real business problems in a secure, practical, and user friendly environment. DocuClass is a “process-oriented” document management software solution designed to organize, distribute, standardize, and control how documents are managed within your business environment.

DocuClass is composed of a suite of integrated modules. These modules can be added or removed without affecting the existing system configuration or architecture.



The DocuClass modules fall under 6 functional categories:

  • Import and Capture,
  • Access and Distribution,
  • Trace and Audit,
  • Process Automation,
  • Configuration and Integrations.

A comprehensive solution that brings together all system components (paper and electronic documents, Line of Business Applications, databases, computer generated reports, etc) into one Integrated and User-Friendly Information Management System.

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