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Information Technology Solutions

IT Solutions

Keeping a business running smooth and efficiently comes down to many different factors. Making sure the workforce is strong and dependable, the product is perfect and that the company has efficient equipment. It is crucial for companies to check their information technology and make sure everything is running up to date and not causing any stress.

Some of the biggest problems in the work place are equipment malfunctions. These range from bad Internet connection, computers performing slowly, network problems and losing important information. Any of the problems will interfere with a workday and could potentially hurt productivity.

As a business owner, it is crucial to make sure that the equipment is up to date and in good working order. Not only will it make employees happy but also customers will have a better experience with the business. Technology has become user friendly, you can do the same for your business customers.

Security is becoming the biggest concern for businesses today. Making sure that customer information is protected is key in running a business. With IT Solutions, your next project will be protected from cyber attacks and viruses and spyware will be removed from all systems. If by any chance of corruption in files, our system performs backups remotely to insure that no information is lost.

AOSI also offers a 24-hour help desk for any problems you may face. Our highly skilled solutions team will always be available to help resolve an issue as fast as we can.

With IT Solutions you can focus on what your company does best. AOSI is the areas leading IT Solution Company. We make sure that nothing stands in your way of your next sale. There is no time to wait, give us a call today, and let us take the stress of technology off your shoulders.

Is it time to bring tablet PCs into your business?

Tablet PCs

If your business is growing and so is your customer base, you need to be sure that you stay innovative. A great way to stay ahead of the curve is to implement tablet PCs into your business. Since tablets have been introduced to the market for a few years now, their prices have mostly decreased. Making them more affordable for your company.


Tablets are portable and can be taken from your home to the office. Unlike desktop computers, tablets can easily be carried with you on a business trip or meeting. They can be very resourceful, while presenting on a tablet; you have the ability to search anything. They have the capability to take pictures if you need to physically document something. Tablets also have the power to record important meetings that need to be documented. Along with that you could take notes via the tablet and not have to worry about transcribing any hand written notes later.

Providing employees with tablets gives them digital control of the company at their fingertips. They have the ability to conduct conference calls, generate reports, and manage inventory.

Most tablet operating systems are equipped with high tech security that protects the business and user from anything harmful in the cyber world. Operating systems are also easily learned, making the user experience a happy one. Screen display on a tablet is very beneficial to the user. Unlike a smartphone, the size of the tablet really does help the user be more engaged.

Tablets are being used in large and small businesses all over the country, from banks to hospitals and even schools. They help your employees be more productive and show your customers that you are innovative. With how affordable tablets have become what is there to lose?

At Advanced Office Systems Inc, we know how important it is to have your business running smooth and efficiently. We can help your company integrate new technology by providing you with support and training on new devices. Advance your technology by giving us a call today.

Is Your Company Wasting Money on Printing?

Print Solutions

Owning your own business can be thrilling and challenging. But don’t let money get in the way of your success. One of the biggest wastes in an office is printing. You can save a lot of money if you evaluate how much you are spending on paper, ink, and energy.

You may want to think twice when you print out a draft of the letter you are writing. Or when you forget to select exactly what you wanted to print on a website and everything prints instead. If you do this at work, you could be costing your business a lot of money. Paper waste is rising in not only America but also the world. From The World Counts, it is estimated that offices use 12.1 trillion pieces of paper a year. You and your office can help reduce that number by recycling used paper. You can purchase 100% recycled paper instead of new paper, make scratch pads from used pages that don’t have a lot of printing on them, and purchasing reams of paper that have little to no packaging.

Printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids on the planet. At $13 to $75 per ounce, you don’t want to waste it! Some tips to saving money on ink:

  • Only print when you are 100% ready for the final job. Microsoft Word has a draft option that allows you to edit and keep track of your edits before you print.
  • You can also download an “EcoFont” that allows you to use a lot less ink.
  • Printers also send out premature warnings about ink levels being low. You can take the ink cartridge out and shake it and this allows you to expand the life span of the cartridge.
  • If you have a small panic attack after getting your office energy bill, try not to panic too much! You can cut energy costs by changing your printers. Most printers come with energy saving modes. If your printer doesn’t have an Energy Star Label, then your printer isn’t energy efficient. This mode puts your printer to sleep when it isn’t in use. This feature is a huge energy and money saver.

If you want more information, give us a call. Our team will be able to bring your office to its full potential without breaking the bank. We want you to succeed, don’t allow your printers to ruin that.


Source – The World Counts

Eco-Friendly Monitors for Your Business


As a business owner, are you looking to expand your business to become more environmentally friendly? Taking that next step can provide many benefits for you and others. Becoming eco-friendly in the office creates a positive environment for employees, reduces unnecessary waste and recognizes the role that businesses have on the environment.

Today, we’ll discuss a little bit about eco-friendly business monitors from Samsung. Samsung produces leading-edge advancements designed to help users conserve energy, resources and costs. These award-winning business monitors are ideal for any of the organizations we work with of every type and size. Listed below are the features of the eco-friendly monitors from Samsung.

Energy Saving Mode

  • SMART Eco saving
  • ECO Power Off (0.00W)
  • Off Timer Plus

Samsung business monitors are designed and manufactured with energy efficiency in mind. The amount of energy-smart features means less energy wasted in the office, translating to reduced overhead for an enhanced bottom line, and of course environmental protection.

Eco-Friendly Materials

  • 30% recycled plastic
  • PVC-free, lead-free, mercury-free
  • Soy ink and tapioca packaging

The monitors are designed to enhance the lives of our users. This means we want them to look great and long-lasting while in use, then be easily recycled after they have outlived their usefulness. This will then contributes to a beautiful, long-lasting planet we live in.

eco-friendly materials


Eco Certifications

  • Green Leaf Mark Certification
  • TUV Certification

Eco Awards and Recognitions

  • ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award three years in  a row
  • Ranked 11th Best Global Green Brand in 2014 by Interbrand
  • Listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes

Samsung Achievements

  • Green Investment
  • Green Management Vision 2020
  • Reduction of Greenhouse Gas
  • Less energy consumed by products
  • IT Asset Recovery Trade-In Program

The Samsung business monitor is designed to meet the strict guidelines of the latest environmental standards. The awards and achievements that Samsung has received clearly proves that their monitors are some of the best on the market today.

If you’re interested in a more eco-friendly environment at the workplace contact our knowledgeable staff at Advanced Office Systems at (800)452-0897. We can discuss the solutions it will take for your business to become green.


Source: Samsung
Image Source: Samsung

Commercial Display for Your Business

Commercial DIsplay

Innovation is key in the business world. Some of the best practices for your business is a visual display. When people see a colored moving image it says a thousand words. Visual display helps get your message across on multiple layers. 

Displaying your content in your business sounds easy enough, but deciding on what type of display plays a big factor. You don’t want to purchase just any old TV. At Samsung, they provide commercial grade TV’s to fit all of your business needs!

With a commercial grade TV, you get clean symmetrical lines that can be purchased without the manufacturer’s logo. They are built for rugged long lasting wear and tear in any environment you wish to have your display. With a commercial TV, the image is sharp and bright to stand out to your audience. They also have the ability to play both broadcast TV and promotional content. 

With a commercial TV, you gain an extended input panel with a wide variety of inputs. This will include, VGA, DVI, Display Port, HDMI and can include video-loop out. The also are equipped with a full RS232 and RJ45 control and remote display management. 

Commercial TV’s are secured with IR or front panel locks, this keeps to any unwanted content being displayed without your approval. They also have an internal cooling system that allows your TV to run 24/7 without fear of frying any components while running. Cooling mode can be used in portrait mode as while, unlike consumer TV’s. Because of this, the lifecycle for commercial TV’s exceeds that of consumer TV”s. You also get the service and support through a 3 year warranty for all commercial TV’s. 

So, are you ready to upgrade your business with some innovative new TV displays? Contact us today at Advanced Office Systems, Inc. in Johnstown, PA at (800)452-0897.

Choose the Right Mobile Computing Device for Your Workforce

Mobile Computing AOSI

By the year 2020, IDC expects the U.S. mobile worker population to surge to 105.4 million—with mobile workers accounting for  72.3% of the total U.S. workforce. With this increase in mobility comes a greater need for mobile computing devices. While it’s become normal to empower mobile workers with anytime access, there isn’t really a “one size fits all” approach. Different employees require different capabilities. For example, the needs of your accounting or IT staff—whose job it is to manage and protect your critical data—are at opposite ends of the spectrum from an associate in a retail store requiring mobile point-of-sale capabilities. Highly mobile employees, such as those in field sales positions, often need secure, remote access to real-time company data and the latest productivity tools while still maintaining the on-the-go flexibility of a tablet form factor. Choosing the right device is critical to enabling employees to work effectively and efficiently. We compare three Samsung mobile device options: 2-in-1 devices, tablets and laptops.

Windows-Based 2-in-1 Devices are Best Used for Combining Mobility and Productivity

For enterprise professionals, 2-in-1 devices, which combine the characteristics of both a tablet and a PC, provide a crucial balance of tablet mobility and business productivity. Sometimes referred to as hybrid or detachable devices, business-grade 2-in-1s offer excellent features for workers who need secure access to both the enterprise network and Windows 10 Pro productivity tools no matter where they are working.Mobile Computing 1

Today, 2-in-1 options are available that provide an ideal blend of true tablet mobile computing and the powerful processing associated with traditional PCs. They offer the flexibility of a full-sized keyboard-and mouse to use as needed, as well as a large, detachable screen with touch optimized applications for a tablet-quality viewing experience. And 2-in-1 devices featuring Windows 10 Pro come with added benefits, like enterprise-grade security and compatibility with Windows-based IT infrastructure. These devices enable more multi-tasking, with more access to network resources, than a tablet alone—and more mobility than a notebook alone.

KEY TAKEAWAYS – Windows-based 2-in-1s are best for mobile professionals who need:
  • The Mobility and lightness of a tablet and the powerful processing of a PC
  • Access to Windows applications
  • Full-sized keyboard
  • Enterprise-grade security and network access

Tablets are Ideal for On-the-Go Connectivity

For single or limited-use mobile productivity, a tablet is a smart option. It makes sense that 3/4 of IT professionals surveyed for a Spiceworks report on mobile devices expect tablet usage to continue increasing over the next few years. Tablets are perfect for scenarios in which mobile professionaMobile Computing 2ls require access to dedicated line-of-business applications. As opposed to 2-in-1s, which allow network access, tablets are better suited to situations in which, for example, a restaurant server simply needs to enter orders and process payments. In many cases, tablets also hold their charges longer than laptops, so are great choices when traveling, out on the factory floor or in other highly mobile environments. In fact, 76% of IT respondents in the Spiceworks report would be likely to consider tablets as a primary work device.

Tablets (and 2-in-1s) are popular due to the improved productivity and workflow provided to users. Other reasons cited include mobility, versatility, and the light weight/thinness of the form factor.

KEY TAKEAWAYS – Tablets are best for mobile professionals who need:
  • Single or limited-use mobile productivity
  • High mobility and productivity in the field
  • A longer charge than most laptops afford
  • Mobility, versatility and light weight/thinness

Traditional Laptops are a Tool of Choice for Robust Performance

For many employees, a full-featured laptop is still the best option and widely used across a range of industries. Laptops continue to be theMobile Computing 3 ideal choice for mobile professionals who must run multiple applications simultaneously in order to maintain peak productivity. According to the Spiceworks report on mobile devices,5 laptops are overwhelmingly the device-of-choice for IT and executive management professionals, as well as with other departments.

Top Departments Using Laptops: 88% IT – 75% Executive/Management – 50% Field Service – 46% Sales – 44% Development Engineering

KEY TAKEAWAYS – Laptops are best for mobile professionals who need:
  • Ultra-fast processing speeds for multi-tasking
  • To run multiple applications at once
  • To create and share large volumes of files or data
  • Less mobility, and the robustness of a desktop experience

Advanced Office Systems, Inc. is a licensed Samsung product supplier. Call us today at (800) 452-0897 for more information on the mobile products we offer.


Steps to Take to Evaluate Cyber Risk: Part 4 – Improve Security and Risk Strategy

Advanced Office Systems Security

Business owners, outside hackers aren’t the only threat that you face. Data breaches often happen because of employees or vendors making mistakes. (Photo: iStock)

Property Casualty 360 takes us on a six step list on where  you can follow to evaluate cyber risk and better prepare your organization. Here is step four.

4. Improve security and your overall risk strategy

As most organizations come to realize, insurance is just one part of the overall risk strategy.

With a correct evaluation of the uninsured risks and finances exposed , informed decision-makers can decide which risks are maintained, which risks are dropped through additional insurance or where risks are addressed through investing in Information Technology (IT) department, hiring and training new employees.

When it comes to investing in your IT department, one cost-effective method to consider is focusing your efforts on securing your most valuable data, as opposed to multiple layers of defensive controls spread out around all the organizational data.

Even if you could anticipate all the ways intruders might access through your network, about half of all data breaches come from an employee or vendor error. You can spend all the money in the world to build the strongest defense walls, but that won’t save you from an error, accident or a fraudulent act by a trusted employee inside.


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Steps to Take to Evaluate Cyber Risk: Part 3 – Existing Insurance Policies

Insurance Policies

Your property policy might provide some coverage for electronic vandalism in certain circumstances. (Photo: iStock)

Property Casualty 360 takes us on a six step list on where  you can follow to evaluate cyber risk and better prepare your organization. Here is step three.

3. Evaluate existing insurance policies

After completing an assessment analysis, evaluate your existing Property, Liability, Cyber or Fidelity policies to identify what risks may already be covered.

Exampl: Some property policies provide electronic vandalism coverage that may apply to certain cyber events.

Ultimately, this evaluation will enable you to identify gaps and coverage limits in your insurance program. For many organizations, this is helpful because with the uninsured financial exposures identified, management can perform a more complete review of the entire risk strategy.


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