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By the year 2020, IDC expects the U.S. mobile worker population to surge to 105.4 million—with mobile workers accounting for  72.3% of the total U.S. workforce. With this increase in mobility comes a greater need for mobile computing devices. While it’s become normal to empower mobile workers with anytime access, there isn’t really a “one size fits all” approach. Different employees require different capabilities. For example, the needs of your accounting or IT staff—whose job it is to manage and protect your critical data—are at opposite ends of the spectrum from an associate in a retail store requiring mobile point-of-sale capabilities. Highly mobile employees, such as those in field sales positions, often need secure, remote access to real-time company data and the latest productivity tools while still maintaining the on-the-go flexibility of a tablet form factor. Choosing the right device is critical to enabling employees to work effectively and efficiently. We compare three Samsung mobile device options: 2-in-1 devices, tablets and laptops.

Windows-Based 2-in-1 Devices are Best Used for Combining Mobility and Productivity

For enterprise professionals, 2-in-1 devices, which combine the characteristics of both a tablet and a PC, provide a crucial balance of tablet mobility and business productivity. Sometimes referred to as hybrid or detachable devices, business-grade 2-in-1s offer excellent features for workers who need secure access to both the enterprise network and Windows 10 Pro productivity tools no matter where they are working.Mobile Computing 1

Today, 2-in-1 options are available that provide an ideal blend of true tablet mobile computing and the powerful processing associated with traditional PCs. They offer the flexibility of a full-sized keyboard-and mouse to use as needed, as well as a large, detachable screen with touch optimized applications for a tablet-quality viewing experience. And 2-in-1 devices featuring Windows 10 Pro come with added benefits, like enterprise-grade security and compatibility with Windows-based IT infrastructure. These devices enable more multi-tasking, with more access to network resources, than a tablet alone—and more mobility than a notebook alone.

KEY TAKEAWAYS – Windows-based 2-in-1s are best for mobile professionals who need:
  • The Mobility and lightness of a tablet and the powerful processing of a PC
  • Access to Windows applications
  • Full-sized keyboard
  • Enterprise-grade security and network access

Tablets are Ideal for On-the-Go Connectivity

For single or limited-use mobile productivity, a tablet is a smart option. It makes sense that 3/4 of IT professionals surveyed for a Spiceworks report on mobile devices expect tablet usage to continue increasing over the next few years. Tablets are perfect for scenarios in which mobile professionaMobile Computing 2ls require access to dedicated line-of-business applications. As opposed to 2-in-1s, which allow network access, tablets are better suited to situations in which, for example, a restaurant server simply needs to enter orders and process payments. In many cases, tablets also hold their charges longer than laptops, so are great choices when traveling, out on the factory floor or in other highly mobile environments. In fact, 76% of IT respondents in the Spiceworks report would be likely to consider tablets as a primary work device.

Tablets (and 2-in-1s) are popular due to the improved productivity and workflow provided to users. Other reasons cited include mobility, versatility, and the light weight/thinness of the form factor.

KEY TAKEAWAYS – Tablets are best for mobile professionals who need:
  • Single or limited-use mobile productivity
  • High mobility and productivity in the field
  • A longer charge than most laptops afford
  • Mobility, versatility and light weight/thinness

Traditional Laptops are a Tool of Choice for Robust Performance

For many employees, a full-featured laptop is still the best option and widely used across a range of industries. Laptops continue to be theMobile Computing 3 ideal choice for mobile professionals who must run multiple applications simultaneously in order to maintain peak productivity. According to the Spiceworks report on mobile devices,5 laptops are overwhelmingly the device-of-choice for IT and executive management professionals, as well as with other departments.

Top Departments Using Laptops: 88% IT – 75% Executive/Management – 50% Field Service – 46% Sales – 44% Development Engineering

KEY TAKEAWAYS – Laptops are best for mobile professionals who need:
  • Ultra-fast processing speeds for multi-tasking
  • To run multiple applications at once
  • To create and share large volumes of files or data
  • Less mobility, and the robustness of a desktop experience

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