HP Designjet 815mfp

SKU: HP Designjet 815mfp (hp Office Products)

This multifunction product scans, copies, and prints large-format color/ black and white documents.

HP Designjet a3+/b+ Graphic Printer Series

SKU: HP Designjet a3+/b+ Graphic Printer Series (hp Office Products)

HP's B+ graphics printer with exceptional color accuracy, photographic image quality, and fast printing speeds.

HP Designjet 10ps/20ps/50ps printers deliver fast, photo-quality, color-accurate comps and proofs with the look and feel of offset prints. HP offers graphics customers the choice of a user-based HP RIP or a server-based HP RIP for workgroups. For pre-press professionals, HP includes a pre-press RIP based on Heidelberg technology.

HP Designjet Copier cc800ps

SKU: HP Designjet Copier cc800ps (hp Office Products)

Large format color copier for in-house copying, scanning, and printing

The offers the convenience of in-house color copying, scanning, and printing, in a single, integrated space saving design. For less than the price of monochrome alternatives, businesses can add large-format color reproduction when and where you need it.

HP Designjet Scanner 4200

SKU: HP Designjet Scanner 4200 (hp Office Products)

Reduce cost and improve productivity by bringing large-format, color scanning in-house to complement your current large-format printing capability.

Expand the capabilities of your HP Designjet printer with the HP Designjet Scanner 4200. This large-format scanning solution meshes seamlessly with your HP Designjet printer to create a complete large-format scan/copy/print solution. High speed, high resolution scanning makes the HP Designjet Scanner 4200 ideal for a variety of CAD, GIS, and graphics applications, including technical drawings, maps, renderings, illustrations, and photos.