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Summer is winding down and that means school is just around the corner. School supply shopping is in full swing and it is no surprise that tablets are on a lot of students’ wish lists.

Today we are looking at back-to-school apps that can help students of all ages make the most of their education with the opportunities that mobile devices provide, as well as one for parents to help stay organized.

back to school apps


Flashcards may be one of the oldest forms of studying. However, creating hundreds of index cards to study from can be really time consuming and is definitely not the most efficient way to spend precious time.

Enter Brainscape. This app takes the pain out of making flashcards by serving them up on a touchscreen with pre-made sets of flashcards to help students learn things like foreign language vocabulary or world geography.

back to school apps


What is one thing that high schoolers and college students have in common? A lot of homework.

iHomework helps keep track of assignments, sorting it by due date, week, month, or by course. With integrated data from Questia, students can link reading material to assignments so they don’t have to dig through a pile of papers to find the right information.

back to school apps

Here Comes the Bus

Here Comes The Bus is a free app that many school districts are using to connect students, parents and administrators with GPS-equipped buses.

With arrival and departure information for various stops and schools, it’s great for checking if the bus is running late or if you’ve missed it. You can also get push notifications for schedule changes or when the ride is five minutes away from arriving. And if you have multiple children on different buses, you can track them all simultaneously.

Disclosure: Lexmark is not endorsing any products or features shared in this Innovation Friday blog post. It’s just stuff we think is really, really cool and innovative.

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