Choosing the Right MPS Provider

AOSI_web_PRINTslideAs is the case with about every new product or service entry, the evolution of managed print services, or MPS, has been a work in progress. However, there are three aspects about MPS everyone can – and probably should – agree upon. Foremost, life is significantly easier for those managing offices who receive this vital service.

Secondly, once an organization decides to move forward to implement an MPS program, it must be tailored to meet their specific needs. The other element of paramount importance – certainly – is selecting the right vendor.

Whether implementing a mid-size or enterprise-level account, an MPS provider needs to have strong implementation processes and support infrastructures to be successful. The deliverables should be documented and agreed upon by both parties before the actual implementation, normally in the form of a Statement of Work (SOW). The SOW needs to clearly define each party’s roles and responsibilities, setting proper goals and expectations.

Part of making a customer value proposition is recognizing what one is capable of offering. When it comes to supplies management, many customers believe the process is uncontrollable from both an administrative and cost standpoint. The value that an MPS provider brings to a customer is simplicity and cost certainty.

Billing encapsulates all the services provided to an account. Since MPS is such a fluid engagement, there is an inherent risk for a vendor to not understand their true profitability. Cost control drivers such as an entitlement list, auto toner replenishment and advance inspection help control cost.  To maintain and understand true profitability, it is important for the vendor to establish a reconciliation process or system to consistently monitor billing accuracy.

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