Don’t Let Your Hard Drive Drag You Down

AOSI_Security Solutions_1So that old computer in your office has been sitting around for some time now.  The system is obsolete, it is gathering dust, and maybe it has crashed once too often.  It’s time to throw it in the trash, right?

Not so fast!

Even an old computer may still contain vital information about your company and clients on its hard drive.  Even if the computer may not be of much use to you, it may still be of use to someone who wants to steal your or your company’s information.  Information thieves can easily retrieve private data off of improperly disposed hard drives.  Information stolen this way can be then used for everything from identity theft to corporate espionage.  This is why it is vital that you dispose of your old computer correctly.

It is not enough to simply delete files or reformat the hard drive.  These methods only prevent the drive from locating a file, and may not actually eliminate the information from that drive.  Clever thieves can still recover data such as PIN numbers, bank records and information, client-sensitive material and more from drives that are not wiped and destroyed the correct way.

Advanced Office Systems is here to help you keep your business safe.  Our hard drive destruction service will make sure that your data does not fall into the wrong hands and that you remain compliant and above board.

Your clients, your employees, and your company depend on you to keep their information safe.  So don’t take short cuts.  Let the professionals dispose of your hard drive the right way, and save yourself a big headache down the line!

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