Go Green This Spring!

AOSI_web_GREENslideIt’s finally spring! The flowers are blooming, the grass is growing and suddenly the trees have leaves again. Everything around you is going green… so why not make your office green as well! Here are a few simple tips to make your office not only more cost-efficient, but energy and resource efficient as well!

Optimize the Energy Settings on Your Computer. Make sure you set your computers settings so that the screen is not on when you take a break from your work space. Also don’t leave your electronics on overnight! By plugging everything into one power strip that can be turned on and off, you save energy and a hassle!

Pass on the Paper. It is time to go digital! By digitizing all your office documents, not only do you make your important documents safe from coffee spills, you save on money and wasted paper. And if you upload your documents to a cloud service, you never have to worry about things getting lost, deleted, or destroyed!

Let the Light In! Open those blinds and let natural sunlight light your office. Not only does a dose of vitamin D help improve your attitude and work productivity, but turning off the office lights once and a while will help your energy bills. Your office plants will thank you too! A fresh breeze from outside helps clear the air as well, especially as the warmer months follow.

Looking for more Green Solutions? Let us help you make your office green for spring!

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