Has this ever happened to you?

AOSI_web_DOCUMENTslideYou are on the phone with a client and you need to find a document fast. Maybe you search frantically through your hard copy files. Maybe you scroll through various files in among your word docs, or enter endless search terms into Google docs only to come up empty. Meanwhile, precious minutes are ticking away, and your client is becoming more frustrated and annoyed.

If this scenario sounds familiar, it may be time to find new Document Management Solutions. A good document management system should have three elements:

  1. All documents should have a digital backup on a secure server. If you are not creating digital backups of your hard copy files, you are risking a document being lost or destroyed forever. Creating a secure backup saves you the hassle of losing important information as well as giving your clients peace of mind.
  2. Documents should be easily organized in an intuitive hierarchical system. Just like your filing cabinets, your digital files should be more than simply alphabetical. If you are just sorting your digital files by title, not only are you risking forgetting where you put your own file, you make it more difficult for your coworkers and employees to find a file if you cannot be reached.
  3. Documents should be able to be accessed from any location at any time. You never know when there might be a work emergency!

Still don’t know where to start? Let us help. Contact our Document Management Solutions team for more information on how we can help customize and streamline your office.

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