Paper vs. Digital Documents

What You Should Know about Document Imaging

By converting your hard-copy documents into electronic files, you can turn information on paper into valuable digital data. Document imaging utilizes scanners to convert paper documents into electronic, searchable files with the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Once converted, your data can easily be indexed, identified, accessed, and managed electronically.

Digitizing documents will allow you to reduce the paper clutter in your office, as well as the amount of time previously spent prepping and handling those documents. You’ll also benefit from improved collaboration and decreased storage costs.

When you prioritize document imaging as a critical business process, you’ll quickly realize all of the benefits that come with this practical solution. Compared to paper documents, digital documents are also:

  • Less expensive to store
  • Less expensive to transport and distribute
  • Easier to locate
  • More search friendly
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