Print Smarter with Managed Print Solutions

With many companies facing tough economic times these days, wasting money because of inefficiencies is just plain bad business. An often overlooked area that can easily be managed and transformed to yield huge savings is your print operation.

Recognized by industry experts as the last major unmanaged business expense, printing can cost your company up to three percent of your total revenue.

Managed Print Solutions (MPS) enable businesses of all sizes to realize reduced costs and control spending by improving the efficiency of your printing practices. Not to mention making your office a greener, more environmentally friendly workplace by decreasing the amount of energy, paper, and print supplies used.

How does MPS enable you to print smarter and improve the efficiency of your printing fleet?

Cost Savings: A comprehensive audit of your business assesses your printing habits to identify inefficient devices and practices, which will lead to a bounty of savings. After switching to MPS, most companies save between 10 and 40 percent in printing costs.

Improved Functionality: Wouldn’t it be great if you received proactive service alerts and functionality reports before your machines ever showed signs of disrepair? With MPS, this becomes a welcomed reality, so that your company can run smoothly at all times.

Reduced Downtime: Constant monitoring of your machines and automatic ordering of consumables such as toner when needed prevents any down time due to shortages of supplies.

Environmental Sustainability: Going green is easy with an MPS solution that reduces waste of consumables like paper, toner, and ink, and helps conserve energy by consolidating your printer fleet and implementing energy-saving measures.

MPS enables you to reduce the amount of printing your office does, as well as the associated costs and the time involved in managing your print fleet, while improving your productivity and the quality of your work.

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