Real-Time Ways To Upgrade Your Office Security

AOSI_Security Solutions_1You don’t have to be an IT guru to keep your office safe from information theft. Upgrading passwords and updating your network security are great steps to keeping your data safe from the inside out. But even if you aren’t tech savvy, there are several ways that you can keep both your office hardware and files safe and sound.

  1. Lock Your Office at Night. If a thief steals your computer, you may be losing more than just office equipment. You may be compromising your data as well!
  2. Take Your Laptop Home. A thief cannot steal what’s not there.
  3. Confiscate Keys Should an Employee Leave Your Company. Even if your employee is leaving on good terms, keeping track of your keys and pass cards can only enhance your reputation for security.
  4. Check References of New Hires. Make sure you can trust your employees from the start by making sure they have acted with integrity throughout their careers.
  5. Dispose of Your Hard Drives Properly! Throwing your hard drives out in the trash makes your data fair game to anyone who walks by.

Looking for more high tech ways to protect your and your clients’ information? Let our Security Solutions Team help you out!

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