Five Reasons to Go Green That Have Nothing To Do With The Environment

AOSI_Green Solutions_1Fourth of July weekend is almost upon us! Many of us are getting outside with our families and enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. But even if you don’t appreciate the great outdoors, there are still some great reasons to “Go Green” in your office.

Here are a few savvy, self-interested reasons to go green at your place of business:

  1. Reduce Clutter. Forget all the files and file boxes clogging up your space. Once you go paperless,  you’ll be surprised how much extra space you have!
  2. Save Money. Save a stapler and go green! Green offices not only save on paper, but paper clips, staples, binders and everything to go with it!
  3. Better Organization. Hard copies can be lost, misplaced or damaged. Once you go paperless, all your files are at your fingertips. A back your files up on a cloud service for extra security!
  4. Ease Transition. You may know where everything is in your office, but will your replacement? If you have to leave a job, or take some time off, make it easier for someone to take over your duties and files!
  5. No More Paper Cuts! Save your poor hands some grief.

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