Is It Safe To Work from Home?

AOSI__Slide_IT-SoltuionsWorking from home can be a great way to refresh your mind. A change of scene can make you more creative and spare you from the interruptions you might encounter at the office. But if you are working remotely, and away from your network secure office, you may be putting your files and data at risk. Here are some ways to keep your work secure while working offsite.

  1. Be wary of public wi-fi. Working in a coffee shop does have a certain mystique. And it is nice to have caffeinated beverages and pastries available at the drop of a hat. But even if you have great network security at the office, your personal files and passwords may be at risk if you are using a public wi-fi network. And if you must use a public network, be sure to join a VPN service and install other security tools first!
  2. Use your own wi-fi. If you have a secure network at home, you are well on your way to keeping your and your clients files safe. But if you are on the go, consider investing in a portable hot spot that is protected by your own password. You’ll have more mobility and more security at the same time.
  3. Work offline. If you are working on a document or creating a presentation, you may not need to be connected to the internet. If a secure network isn’t available to you, consider working on a project that doesn’t require you to be online. Just be sure to back up your file on a USB or other storage device if you are offline and cannot connect to your cloud storage service.

If you are a jet-setter, or work away from the office more often than not, you may need some more advanced security solutions. Be sure to contact out security solutions team for custom advice. We’d be happy to help!

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