Secure Your Files In The Cloud

Mobile devices and the use of cloud collaboration services are growing rapidly. This is true for sharing information between business partners, customers and even internal users. It’s very easy to drag files on your PC into a folder and access them from a smartphone, tablet or another computer. It’s also easy to sync information between multiple devices quickly.

Using cloud-based collaboration tools like Dropbox or Google Drive makes it easy to share documents with anyone, but can be risky if you put confidential information into them. It’s great to pull up a customer contract on your iPad, but if you accidentally share it with the wrong person, you could have legal and financial troubles.

Many organizations are locking down access to mobile devices, but this doesn’t protect the information on them if someone syncs files to the cloud. Local encryption is important, but when the file moves to the cloud, you lose control of it. A colleague or customer could send that file anywhere. It’s like locking your front door, but giving your neighbor a key.

You need to focus on protecting the files themselves. By applying a persistent security policy to your files, you maintain control of them. You decide who can view, edit or print your files. It doesn’t matter where they are. You have the same control whether the files are on your laptop, mobile device or in the cloud. If you want to remove access to them, you can do it with a few clicks.

Sharing documents through cloud services is convenient. Before you copy a file to the cloud, lock it down. It’s the best cloud security there is.

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