How Strong Is Your Password?

AOSI_Security Solutions_1The easiest step you can take to protect your computer and your files is coming up with a strong password. You owe it to your clients and your business to secure your computer and your network. An un-crackable password is a free and simple first step to safe-guarding your information.

  1. Think of a password longer than six characters. You may want to use something that you can remember, but be careful. The more obvious your password is to you, the easier it is for someone to break. Try splitting the difference; think of something catchy but not an obvious choice.
  2. Mix uppercase and lowercase letters. Some password platforms are not case-sensitive, but if it is, take advantage of this extra security feature!
  3. Throw in some numbers and/or symbols. Relying solely on one set of characters weakens your password. Throw in some numbers and symbols into the mix to shake things up.
  4. Using letter or symbols to replace letters may be too obvious. Replacing “E” with “3,” or “L” with “1” might seem like a natural choice, but remember… it may be too obvious!
  5. When in doubt, use a random character generator.
  6. Repeat. Don’t use the same password more than once! Create several so that you have multiple levels of security! And remember… change your password early and often!

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