Tips for a Paper-Free Workspace

AOSI_web_GREENslideIs your desk cluttered? If you are swimming in papers and post-it notes, perhaps it is time to embrace a green workspace.  Adopting a green office strategy is not just about conservation or saving money, but can also save you time and improve your organization.  If the papers are piling up around you, some green solutions can cut down on your anxiety and streamline your work day.

Here’s why:

  1. Did you know that desk clutter can cost a business up to 10K each year?  Between searching for lost files, or creating new documents when old ones are misplaced, we lose about six weeks of productivity.  That’s a lot of lost time and money… not to mention misplaced files.
    By getting into the habit of creating digital files, or digitizing hard copies, we can recoup this time.  It is far easier to enter in a search term in Google docs than to remember where you last saw that important manila folder!
  2. A clean-looking desk may make you more productive! A clean desk creates less anxiety.  Less clutter creates the perception that your work day is under control and you are less likely to feel overwhelmed.  If you feel panicked by the amount of work you have to do every day, using this psychological trick may help!
  3.  Taking time off becomes easier!  Worried you can’t take a vacation because no one else would be able to take over your workload?  Creating a paperless office allows your temporary replacement to easily find your important documents and locate client information without having to contact you while you are away.

Help us help you create a stress-free work space.  Ask us about our Green Solutions today!

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