Get Organized Before the Holidays!

AOSI_CC_XmasSolutionsManThe holidays are fast approaching. Are all your documents in order before you step out on your much deserved holiday break? Don’t add extra stress to your holiday by leaving behind a disorganized work environment.  Give yourself the vacation you deserve.  Here is a check list of things to do before heading home for the holidays.

  1. Make sure your clients know who to contact while you are away.  If you have too many clients to contact personally, make sure at the very least your email away message has the contact information of the person or persons they can go to if there is an emergency.
  2. Designate someone to monitor your clients.  If you can’t be contacted during the holidays, make sure there is someone for your clients to fall back on.  When designating someone to cover you, give this person the tools to located and access your files if there is an emergency.  This means ensuring that your files are organized and easily found.
  3.  Don’t leave a mess. The holidays are a great time to finally get organized.  This way you can start the year fresh and in charge of your workload come the New Year.

If you need help creating a more organized and accessible system for your documents, don’t hesitate to contact our Document Management Solutions team!   Give yourself the gift of an organized office this year!  Happy Holidays!

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